In my first episode, I talk about the importance of simplicity when it comes to fitness goals! Check it out!

Keep It Simple

No matter what age you are, one thing is clear… Resistance Training should be a part of your routine. Join me as I clear up the non sense out there about it, explaining why...

Resistance Training?

This one is all about cardiovascular training. I dissect the importance of understanding VO2 Max and give some basic routines to advance your cardio training!

Cardio Training!

Join me for this fire of an episode, as I discuss the pros/cons of a home gym and how to affordably set one up!

Build a Home Gym

In this episode I discuss the fundamentals to designing a fitness routine or training program through the use of prioritization. Get out your note pad on this one!

Fit Routine Design

Welcome to the first arm training episode wherein I dive into the anatomy of the arm! By showing you the individual parts, you will know how to apply exercise properly and see results 💪🏼.

Bigger Arms Part 1

In this episode, its all about sleep! I discuss the benefits of having enough rest and the potential harm of not getting enough.

Importance of Sleep

Nutrition can be as complicated as you want to make it. Join me for this episode where I strive to make it easier and provide some useful tips when it comes to your next grocery store trip!

Nutrition Basics

In Part 2 of this series I dissect individual anatomical terms and exercises. I reveal my strategies to not only build up your arms, but also muscle use in everyday life! 💪🏼.

Bigger Arms Part 2

Got Prep? While many people will hit most of their exercise goals, it can be the monotonous task of preparing they’re nutrition ...

Making Meal Preps

This episode I discuss some examples of my own life experiences and how they have reshaped my mentality. In using these examples, I break down the basic fundamentals...

Changing Mindsets